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Managing Editor: J.R. Neuberger
Director: Deleware NAMA and Board Member (Parliamentarian)

April 2012


  • NAMA-Recovery Petition Site has Amassed over 3800 Signatures and 1st Person Testimonials Regarding Methadone Treatment’s Life-Saving Effects.

  • Methadone Treatment Under Pressure in Many Jurisdictions, but Nowhere as Critical as the British Isles. (Conservative Government releases “Putting Recovery First” -- a Roadmap for the Elimination of MAT and Full Implementation of Abstinance Based Therapies)

  • First Things First. A Word from NAMA-R's President Roxanne "Rokki" Baker.

  • NYS OASAS Recognition for Advocates. Joycelyn Woods.

  • One for the Files from the Editor Joe Neuberger

    What’s Happened to Evidence-Based Treatment?

  • STOP STIGMA NOW Organization Takes Up the Gauntlet.

  • Joycelyn Woods Speaks to the Year's Important Issues.

  • NAMA-Recovery’s Medication Assisted Recovery Services (MARS) Project Celebrates Its Sixth Anniversary and Announces BEYOND MARS!!

  • Hepatitis C Now Kills More Americans Than HIV
    Feb. 20, 2012 (HealthDay News)

  • Winners of the 4th Annual “In My Own Words...” Essay Contest
    Three Winners in Medication-Assisted Recovery

  • From Coast to Coast and Around The World NAMA Recovery Advocates Are Making a Difference.

    In the NAMA Recovery Trenches:
    1. from the Florida Chapter and NAMA-R’s National Chapter Coordinator - NANNETTE C. WOLLFARTH, CMA.
    2. from Indiana’s NAMA-Recovery Chapter, “MAG of Indiana” and the Heartland West’s Regional Director - CARMEN PEARMAN-ARLT, CMA.
    3. from Connecticuit NAMA-Recovery Chapter and the New England Director - KURT KEMMLING, CMA.
    4. from Canada’s NAMA-R International Affiliate Méta d’Âme/RAPDOQ - GUY PIERRE LÉVESQUE

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